The Truth Shall Make You Rich

  • The bestselling author of Reallionaire challenges common misconceptions about success and lays out the road map to a richer life

    Raised in the impoverished south side of Chicago, Farrah Gray defied the odds and became a millionaire by age fourteen. He was the youngest person to have an office on Wall Street, and the youngest to receive an honorary doctorate. Now, at 24, he is an inspiration to millions and the bestselling author of Reallionaire, #1 Essence Bestseller.

    In The Truth Shall Make You Rich, Gray shares the secret to his success: an emphatic rejection of the seven fallacies most people believe about money and success: the Born Lucky Lie, the Celebrity Lie, the Money Lie, the Debt Lie, the Google and Gates Lie, the Wall Street Lie, and the Work-Hard Lie. By revealing the truth behind the myths, Gray empowers readers to blaze their own paths and make their own millions.

  • The Truth Shall Make You Rich: The New Road Map to Radical Prosperity

    By Farrah Gray

    Paperback: 272 pages

  •  "Farrah Gray has put together a book that is full of diamonds and gems. Each chapter candidly confronts our limiting beliefs and provides us with the priceless truth to discover our own riches in such a refreshing way. The Truth Shall Make You Rich is the book to read when you're ready for a breakthrough."
    Lisa Nichols, featured in The Secret and author of No Matter What: 9 Steps to Living the Life You Love.

    “Farrah’s approach to building wealth is unlike any other you’ve ever seen – his strategies are original, his story is inspiring, and his results are real. By tackling the lies that keep us from fulfilling our financial potential, Farrah ensures his readers remarkable success.”
    Jack Canfield, Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles

    "Farrah Gray has done it again! The millionaire turned "reallionaire" dispels seven myths that block many people from a successful life. Get Real, Get Rich provides real strategies to create real wealth and achieve real happiness."
    Dr. Randal Pinkett, Winner of The Apprentice and Chairman and CEO of BCT Partners

    “Gray's experience as an inspirational speaker serves him well. The result is an energizing call to use drive and persistence to reach financial success.”
    Publisher’s Weekly

    "You Are Just The Best & The Real Thing."
    Suze Orman #1 New York Times Best Selling Author

    "Need to know how to make a million bucks just ask Farrah ."
    Montel Williams

    “Farrah Gray Trump Jr.”
    Good Morning America

    "Farrah is a tycoon..."
    Dallas Morning News

    “His name is synonymous with success and triumph as an entrepreneurial icon, business mogul, and best-selling author.”
    Ebony Magazine

    "Savvy Mogul..."

    "Farrah Gray is one of the most respected and uncommon business minds to date."
    -NY Magazine

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