The Thin Black Line

The Thin Black Line

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  • Meet the black men and women policing our meanest streets...
    LaVerne Dunlap: she infiltrated a drug gang and testified against them in court ... only to have the drug lords mark her for assassination.
    Dep. County Sheriff Winroe Reed: he ventured into America’s “Homicide Capital” alone to apprehend a 6’9” homicidal crack dealer... a man so dangerous no other cops would accompany him.
    Chris Saffron: he worked the toughest drug gangs in Harlem, alone... even after his cover was blown.
    These are just a few of the courageous black heroes readers will meet in Hugh Holton’s The Thin Black Line.

  • The Thin Black Line: True Stories by Black Law Enforcement Officers Policing America's Meanest Streets

    By Hugh Holton

    Paperback: 336 pages

  • "I've never read a more revealing, riveting account of being a police officer before. The African-American men and women here tell true stories that are terrifying, funny, sad, powerful and even profound. And ultimately the stories tell us as much about our society as the do about the officers involved."

    --Ed Gorman, author of Sleeping Dogs

     "Holton uses words with the economy of cartridges and chooses his targets with precision. No one who reads these fact-based accounts of the ongoing war on crime will ever again take the phrase "to serve and protect" for granted."

    --Loren D. Estleman, author of the Amos Walker detective series

     "Inside stories of cops on the front lines. This is the real McCoy."

    --Barbara D'Amato, author of Death of a Thousand Cuts

     "The Thin Black Line is nothing short of stunning. These are the real stories of cops in action, in their own words. Sometimes frightening, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, these are the voices of the real deal men and women who are the front line of defense- us against the bad guys."

    --David Hagberg, author of Dance with the Dragon