The Lies We Tell for Love

  • Damon Whitmore, a true go-getter, will stop at nothing to get what he desires. His wife Octavia was no exception. When Damon first saw Octavia he knew he had to have her. He went through great lengths until his mission was accomplished. Octavia Ellis-Whitmore never thought she would be a one man woman. Living by a no strings attached policy, she kept her encounters with men strictly sexual, until she met Damon.

    Now, two years later, he and Octavia share a wonderful and lavish life together, both managing to keep their secrets of deceit hidden.

    When a face from Damon's past re-surfaces, Damon finds himself facing a dilemma that could cause him to lose the very thing he fought so hard to build.

    Octavia finds herself struggling between remaining true to her vows and exploring her feelings for a new and mysterious stranger a stranger who has a startling connection to Damon and his past.

    As the drama unfolds, lies and secrets will be exposed and lines will be crossed on both ends.

  • The Lies We Tell for Love (Love, Lies & Lust #3)

    By Mz. Robinson

    Paperback: 256 pages

Category: Urban Fiction

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