The Kids' Winter Fun Book

  • Boys, girls, and their parents will be delighted by the ideas and directions they find in this handsome book. It will inspire every member of the family to take part in a wondrous variety of cold-weather activities. They include fun and play in the snow and ice, as well as directions for crafts, games, and pastimes that readers can enjoy while sitting near a cozy fireplace. Ideas and instructions include making ice sculptures, going on cold-weather hikes to spot winter wildlife, tobogganing, ice fishing, building an igloo, and much more. When it's time to come inside from the snow, the authors suggest crafts and games that include making snow shoes, designing seasonal greeting cards, doing pantomimes, having themed storytelling sessions, making origami, and many similar fun activities. Instructions for preparing good things to eat include gingerbread cookies, brownies, toffee apples, pumpkin pie, and many more. This delightful volume features handsome color photos and illustrations on nearly every page.

  • The Kids' Winter Fun Book: Homespun Adventures for Family Fun

    By Claire Gillman (Author), Sam Martin (Author)

    Paperback: 128 pages

    Age Range: 8 and up

  • Books in the popular and growing A First Look At series speak directly to preschool and early-grades kids, encouraging them to explore their feelings and talk to trusted elders about things that bother them. These titles also give them a start in developing basic social skills, as well as explain things that might otherwise make kids anxious. The books are filled with child-friendly color illustrations and easy-to-understand text. Children are shown that school is an important place where they learn about the world outside their family, and where they begin to discover the joy of encountering new things, meeting new people, and having new experiences.

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