Some Wounds Never Heal

  • Alexis White spent much of her youth going after what she wanted and not caring who she hurt. She didn't care about Christopher's wife when she pursued an affair with him, but years later, she can admit that she was also wounded in the process. She's still dealing with the anguish of having aborted Christopher's baby and then losing the one man she believes ever loved her fully.

    In spite of her pain, Alexis realizes life must go on. More than a decade later, she has a successful pediatrics practice and is engaged to Jamar Duplessis. They have survived Hurricane Katrina, but with Hurricane Gustav threatening to strike, Alexis and Jamar must pack up and flee.

    Unfortunately, Alexis finds herself right in the eye of another storm when she and Jamar decide to wait out the storm in Virginia Beach. Christopher and his wife Andrea live there, and are still nursing the wounds that Alexis helped to cause. Although Jamar is determined not to let this potential drama stress out his fiancée, an unexpected glitch in his finances demands his attention and nearly drives a wedge between him and Alexis.

    Someone is definitely out for revenge, but who? Is it Andrea? Christopher? Or maybe it's Alexis's former archrival, Nikki, who also makes a surprise appearance in Virginia Beach. Will Alexis be able to face the demons she thought she slayed years ago?

    This is a story of family, friendship, and forgiveness that proves that while time passes, some wounds never heal.

  • Some Wounds Never Heals

    By Rhonda Lawson

    Paperback: 288 pages

Collections: Urban Fiction

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