Risking It All for My Hustla by Chyna L

At 14 years old Victoria is already sneaking to have her first abortion for a baby by a boy whom she believes is her first and true love until he breaks her heart in one million pieces without any remorse. Victoria tries to mend her broken heart but nothing works. Her heart and loyalty fails her every single time. Each time she lets someone in, she only ends up with a broken heart, and eventually a baby that she's forced to take care of on her own. She finally decides that it's best she just remain focused on school but somehow the bad boys of Boston keep falling into her lap. Deciding she's had enough, she takes a weekend trip to Atlanta for her 18th birthday. That's where she meets Q. Everything about Q seems too good to be true and for Victoria, it is love at first sight. They have an amazing weekend together, and eventually Victoria packs up all of her and her daughters things and starts a new life in Atlanta. Things are great in Atlanta until one phone call shatters Victorias whole world. She is faced with some hard decisions as she tries to find ways to hold her man down all on her own. With no where to turn, just how much is Victoria willing to risk to save her love with Q?

Collections: Fiction

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