Rapper's D-Lite

  • David Light, professionally known as D-Lite, wanted nothing else in life except to rap. His journey takes him from the mean streets of the South Bronx to the bright city lights of HotLanta!

    Childhood friends, Desean and Shelby are along for the long as faithful sidekicks. However, life at the top of the charts is more than they bargained for.

    Success transforms David into the image created for him by his label. The lines between art and life blur as envy turns to jealousy and jealousy turns to murder.

    Written by music business insider, Sa id Salaam, Rapper s D-Lite is wildly entertaining but slyly intertwined with a moral message. In the end, decide for yourself if success is worth the price of fame.

  • Rapper's D-Lite

    By Sa’id Salaam

    Paperback: 264 pages

Category: Urban Fiction

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