Naughty No More

  • Jaylin and Nokea Rogers have been married for almost four years. Jaylin has finally tamed his womanizing ways, and they're happily raising their children together. Things couldn't be more perfect-until an unforgettable kiss from Nokea's past has her wondering what could, or should have been. The tender kiss was placed on her lips by Jaylin's best friend, Shane, and when Nokea is forced to spend one night alone with him, the unthinkable happens. No one seems willing to play by the rules, and that includes Jaylin. For the first time in his marriage, he's confronted with many women willing to make him forget about Nokea's unfortunate affair.

  • Naughty No More (Naughty #6)

    By Brenda M. Hampton

    Paperback: 320 pages

    Publisher: Urban Books (April 1, 2010)

Collections: Urban Fiction

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