Naughty Book Four

  • REVISED EDITION Whipped by the electrifying sexual memories of a man she once loved, Scorpio Valentino's life isn't the same. After many lonely nights, she's determined to get Jaylin back at any cost. Even if that means he's happily married, and resides in another city, she's willing to use her seductiveness, in hopes that a "playa" still dwells somewhere deep inside of him. While trying to turn back the hands of time, Scorpio may soon find out that some things might be better off left behind. Well, not everything, as a long time friend, Shane Alexander, steps into the scene and desires to be one of Scorpio's potential lovers. When Scorpio succumbs to Shane's advancements, he finds himself whipped out of his mind. His business partner, Felicia Davenport, won't stand for another man to fall victim to Scorpio's seductive ways and she's determined to do something about it. Felicia makes plans to move in for the kill, and Scorpio fails to see true love as it stares her in the face. Don't let a good man pass you by because there's bound to be another woman who's plotting to take your place. Additional novels by Brenda Hampton include: SLICK, Two's Enough Three's A Crowd, My Way Or No Way, Change Don't Always Come, No Justice No Peace, How Can I Be Down? and more!

  • Naughty Book Four

    By Brenda M. Hampton

    Paperback: 288 pages

Collections: Urban Fiction

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