Letting Misery Go
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Letting Misery Go

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  • The Rev. Ruth Wilcox, head minister of a Chicago church, has just about adjusted to life on her own, years after her husband, Daniel, left her. But Daniel suddenly re-enters her life when his second wife spurns him, leaving him to care for their three sons. Ruth's got enough on her plate, what with her mother's Alzheimer's, her best friend's cancer diagnosis, her grown children's dramas ... and a charming parishioner who's caught her eye. Also, she can't shake the feeling that something is fishy with Daniel. Still, she's long dreamed of reconciling with her first love, and his kids desperately need discipline and spiritual nurturing. Ruth's faith gives her the strength to face a life-altering choice.

  • Letting Misery Go (Urban Christian)

    By Michelle Larks

    Paperback: 288 pages