Let's Lace

Let's Lace

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  • Toddlers will enjoy learning how to lace up and tie their own shoes when they get help from Mom or Dad and this color illustrated board book. The vivid front cover is really a double cover that opens from spines on both sides of the book. The left-side front cover is decorated with a large, eye-catching, oversize two-color shoelace that kids can remove from its sneaker illustration. Step-by-step color pictures on the book's board pages show bunnies, kittens, and other friendly animals who demonstrate different ways to thread the lace through a series of eyelet holes, and finally tie a big bow. The book's right-side cover opens to present a pop-up model of a shoe, constructed of sturdy card stock and complete with eyelets for lacing. Children are encouraged to practice lacing and tying a bow on the model shoe, using the shoelace that comes with the book's front cover.

  • Let's Lace: A Step-by-Step Guide to Lacing

    By Marjory Gardner (Illustrator)

    Board Book: 10 pages

    Age Range: 3 - 6 years

    Grade Level: Preschool to 1