Let Joy Arise by Ashea Goldson

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  • Never let anything in your past affect what God has for your future. 

    Taylor Carter has not always been a Christian all her life. Before Taylor found God she was in a very serious car accident that killed the married man that she was involved with and also took away her ability to walk. After all that was said and done with this life altering event, Taylor still was able to see her way through. 

    Fast forward to the present; Taylor is now the owner of Push It Fitness center and married to Keith Bryant. Of course like many say, you cannot be a child of God and not have trials. The wife of the man that was killed in the accident that she was involved in is back to get Taylor. She has a serious case of a woman scorned syndrome. Added to the chaos, Taylor has to deal with the house guest from hell named Paul who is the good friend of Keith, and may hold the key to a painful past that he has hidden from his wife. 

    Will Taylor and Keith’s marriage survive all trails and tribulations? Will Taylor continue to support her husband once his secret past comes to light? 

    For a reviewer that is not a fan of Christian fiction I will say that I thoroughly enjoy this book. It was just enough religion to know that is Christian fiction but enough that it is not thrown in the reader’s face. The characters in this novel are those that the reader can relate to, from the wild roommate to the holy sister-in-law. For this to be a debut novel she knocks this one out the ballpark. Yes, I do see the best is yet to come. 

    Rating 5 stars. 
    Reviewed by Patrice Grimball for 
    Readers In Motion Bookclub

  • Let Joy Arise

    By Ashea Goldson

    Paperback: 288 pages