Lesson Learned (Kimani TRU)

  • Whoever said "family comes first" never met Keysha's mom, Justine. Fresh out of jail, Justine wants to reconnect with her daughter—despite abandoning her to a father she hardly knew. Keysha is sure Justine's troubled past is going to play havoc with her own present and future. To add more drama to the mix, her younger brother, Mike, is now a wannabe player, determined to get with a girl Keysha just knows is trouble.

    For once, all of Keysha's hunches are right on target. And now it's up to her to untangle a dangerous mess…before the life and new family she's just begun to build come crashing down around her….

  • Lesson Learned (Kimani TRU)

    By Earl Sewell

    Paperback: 256 pages

    Publisher: Harlequin Kimani; Original edition (March 1, 2009)

Collections: Teen & Young Adult

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