Karma II (Volume 2) By Ms. Antoinette R Davis

Elston appears to be off the hook for one murder however he still harbors the truth about his future wife Miko Williams’s father’s murder. Elston cannot bring himself to tell Miko that he murdered her father for fear of losing her and his freedom. Miko tries desperately to find her father’s killer and everyday Elston watches the woman he loves become more determine for justice for her father’s murder. Amongst the turmoil, lies and deceit Elston has created he decides to run for Mayor of Baltimore City and give back to the community he grew up. A family crises rocks the Amos family and Elston has to deal with one crisis after another and just when he thinks his ride to City Hall will be a breeze a bitter sweet reality shakes the core of his manhood and the foundation of his marriage becomes quick sand. Elston must now face the consequences of his past actions and it all resembles KARMA

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