Hands-On Science: Matter and Materials

Hands-On Science: Matter and Materials

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  • These giant books containing exciting projects and experiments take a hands-on approach to science concepts. Hundreds of simple and easy experiments explore the various scientific principles behind natural phenomena like friction, centrifugal force, and the underlying laws of physics that help make machines work. These fun yet practical experiments make it easy for anyone to become a rocket scientist!


    Budding scientists and novices alike will learn about the properties of matter and materials as they experiment with a variety of household objects in this hands-on science activity book created especially for kids. Through these informative and easy to conduct experiments and activities, young learners will discover the interesting and often-changing characteristics of materials in their everyday world.

  • Hands-On Science: Matter and Materials

    By Jack Challoner (Author) , Maggie Hewson (Author)

    Paperback: 32 pages

    Age Range: 7 - 10 years

    Grade Level: 2 - 5

    Publisher: Kingfisher (July 16, 2013)