Dirty DNA

  • Families all have secrets but not like the secrets of the Clayton-Reynolds clan. The drug-filled streets of Washington, DC are home to YaSheema Clayton, better known as YaYa to her friends and family. She is heir to a throne of deceit, lies, and betrayal. Her father, Darnell Clayton, has made money hand over fist by pushing drugs into every junkie and crackhead in the DMV. He wants his legacy of murder and mayhem to live on through his only child. YaYa and her life-long best friend, ShaNiqua NiQue Watkins, were bred to run the streets of DC with a ruthless hand. Unfortunately, during their reign of power, family secrets are unearthed. A fierce stream of terror, sex and lies rock the very foundation Darnell has built.

  • Dirty DNA

    By BlaQue

    Paperback: 256 pages

Collections: Urban Fiction

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