Black History For Beginners
For Beginners

Black History For Beginners

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  • What is Black History? Did you know what blacks were in Cortez’s crew in Mexico, with Pizarro in Peru and Alvarado in Quito…that when Balboa discovered the Pacific Ocean, 30 black people were with him….that when Alarcon and Coronado conquered Mexico, black people were with them too?

    Any misunderstandings between blacks and whites in today’s society tend to stem from the misconceptions about blacks that have been allowed to thrive throughout the ages. The only way to help abolish stereotypes is to help present a more complete picture of the black people throughout history. Black History For Beginners covers a rich but often ignored history and chronicles the black struggle from capture and enslavement in Africa through the Civil Rights movement and up to today and the new and different kinds of struggles that black people face today.

  • Black History For Beginners

    By Denise Dennis (Author), Susan Willmarth (Illustrator)

    Paperback: 192 pages

  • "It works beautifully for any age person. Highly informative. Doesn't patronize. Intellectually challenging without being intimidating. Emotionally rewarding for black readers... academically gratifying." -- Andrew Salkey

     "This excellent little book on Black history... is very readable and informative... It faces the issue of Black people's omission in history head on." -- The Teacher