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Little Green: An Easy Rawlins Mystery
Random House

Little Green: An Easy Rawlins Mystery

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  • When Walter Mosley burst onto the literary scene in 1990 with his first Easy Rawlins mystery, Devil in a Blue Dress—a combustible mixture of Raymond Chandler and Richard Wright—he captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of readers (including future president Bill Clinton). Eleven books later, Easy Rawlins is one of the few private eyes in contemporary crime fiction who can be called iconic and immortal. In the incendiary and fast-paced Little Green, he returns from the brink of death to investigate the dark side of L.A.’s 1960s hippie haven, the Sunset Strip.

    We last saw Easy in 2007’s Blonde Faith, fighting for his life after his car plunges over a cliff. True to form, the tough WWII veteran survives, and soon his murderous sidekick Mouse has him back cruising the mean streets of L.A., in all their psychedelic 1967 glory, to look for a young black man, Evander “Little Green” Noon, who disappeared during an acid trip. Fueled by an elixir called Gator’s Blood, brewed by the conjure woman Mama Jo, Easy experiences a physical, spiritual, and emotional resurrection, but peace and love soon give way to murder and mayhem. Written with Mosley’s signature grit and panache, this engrossing and atmospheric mystery is not only a trip back in time, it is also a tough-minded exploration of good and evil, and of the power of guilt and redemption. Once again, Easy asserts his reign over the City of (Fallen) Angels.

  • Little Green: An Easy Rawlins Mystery

    By Walter Mosley

    Paperback: 304 pages

  • Since sending his series hero Easy Rawlins off a cliff in Blonde Faith (2007), Mosley has dallied with other series and genres, with varying degrees of success. Through it all, though, most Mosley fans were pining for the resurrection of Rawlins. Their dreams have come true. It turns out that Easy’s misguided suicide went awry, thanks to the intervention of Mouse, Easy’s best friend and the most dangerous man in L.A. As this novel begins, it’s 1967, and Easy has just awakened from a coma to find Mouse at his bedside with a plan to get his pal back in the PI game. A beaker or two of God-knows-what from voodoo master Mama Jo’s home brew, and Easy is following a missing boy’s trail to the Sunset Strip, now the home turf of flower children, whom the shell-shocked detective finds an oddly supportive lot: “I’d driven my Pontiac off a cliff and landed in a new world.” Mosley returns here to doing what he does best: setting the pain and pleasure of individual lives, lived mostly in L.A.’s black community, within an instantly recognizable historical moment and allowing the two to feed off one another. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: The return of Easy Rawlins is a major event for crime-fiction fans, and Mosley’s publisher will be making sure the news is spread widely. --Bill Ott


    Advance Praise for LITTLE GREEN:

    “In 2007’s Blonde Faith, set in 1967, Easy Rawlins drove drunkenly off a cliff in what his creator indicated was likely his last appearance. Now, after two months of sliding in and out of consciousness, Easy begins the long journey back to the living, in Mosley’s superb 12th mystery featuring his iconic sleuth…. If there were an Edgar for best comeback player, Easy Rawlins would be a shoo-in.”
    Publishers Weekly (starred)