Ambitions of a Savage: The Story of Styles by Chyna L.

Just because I got heart, doesn't mean I gotta have a heart. This is what Styles tells himself everyday as he struggles to survive in the bloody streets of Boston. Abandoned by his drug addicted mother at a young age and having never known his father, Styles turns to the streets for comfort. His heart hardens as he bounces from couch to couch and finds himself in and out of jail. But when a tragedy hits close to home, Styles goes from doing what's necessary to survive in the streets to doing what's necessary to satisfy his taste for revenge, not caring who gets hurt in the process. His only ambition is to finish what they started by any means necessary. The only problem is that once his inner savage is brought to the surface is it possible to tame it or is there no turning back.

Category: Urban Fiction

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